Roof and Upper Structures

Keep that roof over your head! The art and science of home construction is changing. In pre- 1950′s construction, when a home’s construction materials got wet through leaky roofs or water condensation, the building materials often dried out quickly. Loose fitting windows and uninsulated walls helped by keeping a home drafty, vented and allowing moisture to escape. Unfortunately this caused the home to be inefficient and uncomfortable in the process. With new construction the indoor air quality can be achieved through proper venting of the roof and venting of the house. Instead of allowing moist materials to get wet and dry, as in the past. Today we now know to just prevent moisture penetration in to the home. Ice damming above all must be prevented.  Your number one objective as a home owner, in regards to the roof is to move all water away from the home, and seal water out to prevent any moisture ingress.

Inspection of the roof, flashing’s, vents, gutters, exterior chimney’s and attic’s when accessible will be inspected; also conducted will be the investigation of insulation and ventilation .