Heating/Cooling & Ventilation Systems

As the season’s in Canada come and go, we are often reminded how diverse our climate is here on the West Coast. Even though we see more mild temperatures than most of the country, we certainly have the wet winters that can chill you to the bone.  The types and the operation of heating and cooling systems vary greatly, but are all designed to obtain the same goal, heat and cool your home. We often find older systems in working condition with no need to upgrade or replace. The ideal modern day systems are designed to heat and cool in the most environmentally and cost effective ways possible. The government is often offering grants or rebates for “going green” or updating your system. There are all kinds of options for home owners and many resources to educate yourself on what may be best for you.

During the inspection process the following things will be investigated:  Energy Conservation, Heat Loss, Skylights, Exterior Windows and Doors, Caulking, Weather Stripping and the heating system itself.