Electrical System

The electrical system is probably the least understood and the most feared part of any house. Even though the electrical system is the most regulated there can be serious consequences if the system is not serviced, repaired and maintained properly. If you have a fear of electricity or just don’t wish to tackle any of the electrical service requirements of the home then call a qualified electrician for repairs. When it comes to procedure, materials and accuracy, you must be 100% sure when working with any electrical systems. Often homes will have new equipment for systems that are more modern or systems so old the wires may short out, calling in an electrician in any event is recommended and rest assured you’ll be “Safe and Sound”.

You can always expect electricity to find the path of least resistance. Current will flow through a larger wire before it will a smaller wire. It will flow through copper more readily then it will through aluminum or iron. Given a choice, electricity would rather flow through copper than almost anything else, including the human body. This fact is the basis of the principle known as grounding. As long as we provide an easier grounding conductor such as copper, we are kept from becomming conductors ourselves. Understanding grounding is critical to understanding your home’s electrical system.

During an inspection the electrical panel and all visible wiring, and a reasonable number of fixtures, receptacles and switches will be investigated.